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Commercial Workshop

Get to know RedJade – Monday 21 August 2023, 7.30-8.30am

Come see what makes RedJade the most intuitive, powerful sensory, consumer and marketing research software suite available.

Manage your sensory, consumer and market research in ONE place - onboard and recruit subjects, collect data and share live results with 1-click. Come see how RedJade can be used to not only collect sensory and consumer data, but marketing data as well - including Conjoint, Max-Diff, TURF, and Text Highlighter. Collect more robust data than ever before - only with RedJade.

All licenses include - Unlimited Simultaneous Users, Panelist Workstations, Panel Members (Subject Database), Unlimited Web‐Based Training and Unlimited Support.

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Blue Yonder Research Workshop - Monday 21 August 2023, 7.30-8.30am

Consumer Sensory Claims

Claims are a huge part of how we experience products: on pack, in TVCs, in magazines, on social media, on giant, digital billboards in Times Square (Yes, our name has been up there in lights!). A product may deliver superiority, but to truly succeed, it needs to have another edge: a compelling claim that drives purchase.

Often, claims studies are expensive: the greater the risk of competitor challenge, the higher consumer numbers are needed. If claims then fail, timelines slow, budgets are diminished. We need to change this: we need to innovate in the claims space.

Global leaders in FMCG Claims, R&D and Product Testing, we work with some of the world’s biggest brands, and will be sharing innovative approaches to claims research which are proven to ensure we win in the real world.

This 40 minute session will be practical and inspirational in equal measure.

Learn how to make sure your claims win where they matter.

This workshops covers:
> Designing and testing methodologies:
> Find the right methodology for your claim to beat the competition
> Run agile pilots to gain confidence before high time and money investment
> Understand strengths and weaknesses of different approaches
> Working to global best practice: ensure claims are legally robust whilst giving claims the best chance of success
> Creating claims portfolios: create powerful portfolios to withstand legal challenge
> Ensuring claims are compelling: just because we can make a claim, doesn’t mean we should – make sure consumers buy into claims
> Bringing great claims to life: trade marketing is a core part of claims. We’ll train delegates in how to create powerful video testimonials and engaging presentations to win internal and external stakeholder buy in.

Join us from 7.30am onwards - don’t worry, we know it’s early so we’ll provide breakfast!

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Curion Workshop - Tuesday 22 August | 7.30-8.30am

Why we should be using consumer emotions as a basis for product development, and how to do it.

Andrew Livermore, Curion LLC, USA and Natasha D’Souza, Blue California, USA

Emotions drive consumer perceptions, decisions, and preferences, including for brands and products. Understanding these emotions is fundamental to developing products that reinforce the brand positioning, satisfy consumer expectations, provide repeated delight and claims that resonate. And yet, with rare exception, emotion is ignored in product development. The question is why? Especially in this new world where manufacturers are challenged to provide more relevant and satisfying consumer experiences to differentiate themselves. Supported by extensive research, and with hands on exercises, this workshop addresses these questions and suggests a solution.

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EyeQuestion Workshop - Tuesday 22 August 7:30-8:30am

Enhancing the Impact of Sensory Research Using EyeQuestion's Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions

In this workshop, we will explore the future of sensory science and its impact on consumer behavior, as well as how EyeQuestion can help leverage digitalization for value creation in sensory research.

Through expert-led presentations participants will gain insights into the latest trends in sensory science, including the use of digital technologies for data collection, analysis, and visualization. We will address how EyeQuestion's innovative software can help researchers design and implement studies that leverage these technologies for maximum impact.

Specific topics we will cover include the use of mobile devices for data collection, the integration of eye-tracking technology into sensory research, and the role of artificial intelligence in consumer insights.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of the future of sensory science. They will have developed the skills and knowledge necessary to apply this approach in their own research projects and how EyeQuestion can help them stay ahead of the curve.

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