The following speakers will give invited lectures at Pangborn 2023.

Keynote speakers

Lera Boroditsky, University of California San Diego, USA
Talk: Language and perception

Pascaline Lepeltier MOF, Sommelier, USA
Talk:Being a sommelier today: changing how we taste the world, one bottle at a time

Jonas Olofsson, Stockholm University, Sweden
Talk: Using language to understand the sense of smell

Plenary speakers

Daniele Asioli, University of Reading, UK
Talk: How can consumer science contribute to meet the new challenges in a changing world?

Nicolas Bouché, Decathlon , France
Talk: A new sensory and perceptual paradigm for a more sustainable world

Ciarán Forde, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Talk: Better living through sensory; How sensory cues moderate our eating behaviours, food intake and health

Mara Galmarini, Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, Argentina
Talk: Sensory research and temporal descriptive methods: where is this relationship going?

Nicolas Pineau, ADM, Erlanger Kentucky, USA
Talk: Sensory science, are we ready for AI?

Christopher T. Simons, The Ohio State University, USA
Talk: From bland to grand: Restoring context and panelist engagement with immersive technologies.

Ronan Symoneaux, L’Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures, France
Talk: Sensory scientists at the core of consumer-led product ecodevelopment

Invited Speaker

Nais Pirollet, Chef, France
Workshop: Sensory and culinary innovations for health, sustainability and deliciousness

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