Nicolas Bouché, Decathlon , France


Nicolas Bouché is Sustainable Leader for Decathlon, the sporting goods producer and retailer. He leads the Sustainable Development of the industrial part of all the hard equipments, such as fitness equipment, bikes, sunglasses, helmets, scooters, hiking poles or camping furnitures. The decarbonization of the industry requires many optimizations, pushing to play with the technical limits, however how to preserve the quality and maintain the preference of the customers and users? At the same time, moving to a circular economy also requires changing purchasing and usage behaviors, as well as internal decision-making. Perceived value is therefore a key to switch to products that are more durable, more repairable, or more suitable for the second-hand or rental market.

Nicolas Bouché also has a strong experience in the packaging, product development, design management, innovation management and research and development.

In his previous experience in DECATHLON Research & Development team, he created the Affective Sciences Department. Physical activity should first and foremost be a pleasure. This R&D laboratory is dedicated to ease of use, sensation and emotion. It is aimed at better understanding, measuring and evaluating the sensations and emotions perceived by consumers and users to design pleasurable new sport experience.

Nicolas Bouche has a Master’s degree in Engineering with a specialization in product design.

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