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It’s not just data, it’s insights!

At Opinions LTD, our team of trusted professionals are your strategic research partners. Our holistic research services are the fuel that power our client’s success. Providing consistent protocols, accurate, timely & quality research. 20+ testing centers across the USA.
Sensory & consumer testing is all in a day’s work at Opinions LTD! Our team conducts a wide variety of consumer sensory research evaluations for test products via CLTs, intercepts, HUTS, traditional focus groups and online qualitative.

The success of your projects is dependent on consistent protocols. We provide one centralized contact that will brief all locations and their respective test administrators. This not only streamlines communication to you, but ensures everyone receives the same direction for your testing. Our testing locations are well equipped to handle a multitude of sensory related research, including, but not limited to:

  • Food & Beverage Taste Tests
  • Fragrance Evaluations
  • Cosmetic & Beauty Care
  • Personal Care
  • Product Placements/In-Home Use Tests
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Luxury Brands
  • Laundry & Home Care

Along with company owned and operated locations, we have a national database to tap into, both in person and virtual/direct at home testing!  We put you directly in touch with your target audience of consumers!

You can work with us to only provide fieldwork or utilize our experience to guide your research for beginning to end.

Opinions LTD is your one call partner for all research needs in the U.S.

How can we deliver on your next research project?

- Contact us today! bids@opinionsltd.com

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