Plenary Speaker

Maduran Wikneshwaran, Dyson, UK

Maduran Wikneshwaran

Maduran is driven to understand and rationalise the holistic consumer experience, leveraging anthropological, sensory, qualitative and implicit methods as the foundations for building upstream research capabilities.

With a background in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Maduran has worked in a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to food and now tech. He serendipitously found his way to Leatherhead Food Research where he was able to flex scientific rigor within commercial realities and developed creative Sensory and Consumer Science solutions for FMCGs big and small.

At Mondelez, Maduran was part of the R&D Global Chocolate Team and realised the potential of Sensory and Consumer Science as a powerful strategic tool and relished the opportunity to be an active partner in innovation.

Now as Research Manager at Dyson, Maduran leads a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers to define and drive new product experiences and benefit white spaces by identifying and measuring interaction points and behaviours via innovative scientific techniques.

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