Plenary Speaker

Maria Veldhuizen, Yale University, USA

Dr Scott Hutchings

Maria Veldhuizen was trained as a psychophysicist in taste, smell and flavor perception, both during her PhD with Dr. Jan Kroeze at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Lawrence Marks at The John B. Pierce Laboratory in New Haven, CT. Since joining Dr. Dana Small’s lab in 2006, she has combined these skills with neuroimaging of chemosensory perception in humans using fMRI and advanced computational techniques such as network modeling and pattern analysis. She is interested in gustatory encoding, integration of taste and smell, and development of flavor preferences. One focus has been on how the human brain achieves attention to taste and how taste cortex interacts with other cortical areas under attention. She has also worked on the neural commonalities of sweet taste and sweet odors. Lastly she is specifically interested in understanding how the appreciation of a flavor develops by association with calories and interactions with metabolism in humans. Her future ambitions include employing more causal methods and writing a children's book on taste and perception.

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