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Claudiney Neto, Evoke Research and Sensory Analysis, Brazil

Claudiney Neto

Evoke Research and Sensory Analysis Claudiney is the founder and director of Evoke in Brazil, a company that provides sensory and consumer services for consumer goods companies and suppliers. With more than 20 years of experience in sensory and consumer science, he has stablished the first sensory organization in Brazil (ABCS) and brought the Pangborn to Latin America for the first time in 2013.

Passionate about sensory and the reason behind what drives consumer behavior and the interaction between brands and products, he is always looking for new ways of learning and innovate in order to bring scientific rigor and quality to consumer researchers.

With a strong leadership and commitment to deliver high quality and meaningful added value data, he has been recognized as a reference at Latin America for most of his sensory community colleagues and nowadays he is focused in using his company’s facilities not only to attend the needs of the market but also, on the training of sensory to consumer science professionals, with partnerships between companies and universities around the world.

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