Scientific Committee

Michael Nestrud, Ph.D, Founder & President, MNC, USA

Michael Nestrud

Michael founded MNC after over 10 years of CPG, government and supplier-side experience studying human sensory perception and consumer choice behavior. He obtained a Culinary Arts degree from the Culinary Institute of America followed by a Bachelors and Ph.D. from Cornell University in Food and Sensory Science. Upon graduation he completed a Postdoc at the U.S. Army on meal concepts for the MRE™ platform. Next, he honed his skills working for a boutique quantitative market research agency where he commercialized his Ph.D. work and lead a number of Global sensory projects. Most recently Michael worked for Ocean Spray Cranberries leading the Global Sensory Program where he developed new methods and reimagined the global sensory quality program. Michael also believes in giving back and has served on advisory boards for the Culinary Institute of America and McCormick, and served as chair for the 2017 Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium.

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