Plenary Speaker

Claire Murphy, San Diego State University, USA

Claire Murphy

Dr. Claire Murphy is Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University, and Core Faculty in the San Diego State University/ University of California, San Diego Joint Doctoral Program. Her Lifespan Human Senses Laboratory investigates chemosensory function in healthy aging and in neurodegenerative disease, with a special focus on Alzheimer’s disease. The multimodal approach to understanding how chemosensory systems are altered by aging and disease utilizes psychophysics, neuropsychology, event-related potentials, functional and structural neuroimaging. This research has contributed to a better understanding of lifespan chemosensory function and the emerging portrait of the aging consumer. The study of olfaction has provided novel insight into the underlying neural correlates of Alzheimer’s disease and the potential for olfactory dysfunction to serve as marker of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease. A major goal in the laboratory is the training of the next generation of scientists, a focus supported by the NIH. Dr. Murphy’s funding from the NIH has facilitated the appearance of more than 150 publications. She is the recipient of a NIH Merit Award and a Fellow in the Association for Psychological Science. Dr. Murphy’s enthusiasm for chemosensory science motivated the chairing of an AChemS annual meeting and the co-chairing of an International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste (ISOT) meeting held in San Diego.

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