Keynote Speaker

Nathalie Martin, Nestle, Switzerland

Nathalie Martin

Dr. Nathalie Martin, MSc Food Science, PhD Consumer & Sensory Science has over 25 years of experience in sensory and consumer research primarily focusing on determinants of eating behavior and perception of food and beverages. Dr. Martin is a Senior Expert at the Nestlé Research Center where she has managed science and contributed to numerous research projects in the fields of sensory, consumer and behavioral sciences. Her research has provided rich insights into cross-modal sensory interactions (taste/olfaction – flavor/texture), complex perceptions (fattiness, creaminess, refreshment, naturalness) as well as in-mouth transformation and dynamics of perceptions, liking and emotions. Studying the perceptual and emotional response of people to stimulation coming from food and beverage, she naturally developed a genuine interest in the triggers and barriers of people’s pleasurable and healthy eating and drinking experience. She is currently working on the role of perceptual, psychological and contextual factors on food related decisions, choices and behaviors with the goal of providing solutions for the development and maintenance of healthy diets while ensuring satisfying eating and drinking experience. One of her recent projects has focused on sensory-based product design as a promising strategy to nudge consumers towards selecting and consuming smaller portions.

Dr. Martin has previously spent 10 years in the Academics as an Associate Professor of Sensory & Consumer Science at AgroParisTech, the leading French institute for education and research in Life Sciences, Food Technology, and Environment. She trained a significant amount of Master and PhD students who are today key actors in these fields in the public and private sectors. In parallel, as a researcher at INRA, she built expertise in psychophysics and the physical, chemical, and cognitive determinants of sensory perceptions and pleasantness.

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