Scientific Committee/Pangborn Executive Committee

Conor Delahunty, Symrise, Singapore

Dr Conor Delahunty

Dr Conor Delahunty is Vice President, Innovation, Flavor, Symrise Asia Pacific. He leads the integration of Sensory and Consumer Insights, Research and Technology, Flavor Creation and Application, and Regulatory Affairs, to create new flavor products and experiences for the Asia Pacific region.

Dr Delahunty has >25 yrs experience in underpinning and applied research in flavour science, sensory and consumer science and nutritional science. His scientific achievements have application to methods development, understanding the flavour of foods, foods reformulation for health (lower salt, sugar, fat), and demonstration of the role of sensory properties of foods in dietary compliance and eating behaviours. Dr Delahunty is recognised internationally, having worked closely with the sensory science community and having (co-) authored numerous scientific research papers and articles.

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